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Yasamin Diggs

Dental Assistant

Yasamin Diggs has had the pleasure of working with Dr. Clark since 1984 and has assisted him in his multiple office locations. Ms. Diggs has assisted doctors at the M.C.V. School of Dentistry and education courses offered by Dr. Clark. Her hospital operating experience with Dr. Clark has allowed her to assist in a very demanding environment and expanded functions in surgical implants and cosmetic dentistry. Ms. Diggs is still enjoying dentistry and continuing to educate herself as much as she did on her first day on the job. She has had an extensive education at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Ms. Diggs is certified in DOCS Oral Sedation. Her eye for detail in cosmetic dentistry is uncompromising and welcomed in Dr. Clark’s efforts to deliver high aesthetic results. Ms. Diggs is very devoted and passionate about dental assisting; with a pleasant personality, her individuality and skills are uniquely applied as she continues her efforts to make dentistry a pleasant experience for her patients. She truly loves her profession.

Ms. Diggs is the owner of Yasamin Art Gallery. Yasamin’s artwork is displayed at City Hall in the mayor’s office of Newport News, local corporate offices, patients’ office and homes, and numerous prominent private collectors. Her other hobbies include traveling, shopping, visiting art galleries, and she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends.